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Summit Dental Center Houston

Initial Overview:
Summit Dental Center is a Houston based dental practice with 6 locations in the greater Houston Metro Area their focus is on full service dentistry including CHIP and Medicaid. In January of 2010 they had no web presence not even a website.
They wanted to have a simple easy to use site that would mainly provide information about the services they offer and what types of insurances and other assistance that was available to patients. They wanted to drive patients to their locations and be recognized as a prominent dental facility.
EMG built Summit a highly informative website that was both in English and Spanish. It provided information on the services it offers but we also wanted to drive them to call Summit for information and patient scheduling so we provided that call to action on every page.

EMG began the marketing campaign in February 2010 with a 2 prong approach.
First we wanted to drive patients immediately to the site especially those patients within a 6 to 7 mile radius of each location. To achieve this we launched a SEM (pay per click) campaign for broad terms such as dentist, orthodontist, etc. but only to those individuals that were identified to be in that target area. We launched another SEM campaign that focused on keywords relative to the locations such as Dentist in Pasadena or Dentist on Westheimer and San Felipe that we ran full Metro. The appointment to call ratio was almost 82%.
Second we wanted to have Summit Dental appear in the top of the search results in the most trafficked keywords so we focused on the following 5 keywords initially; dentist houston, pediatric dentist houston, chip dentist, medicaid dentist and low cost dentist to provide the greatest opportunity to drive patients to their site.

Summit Dental has constantly achieved an 80%+ conversion rate from its Search Engine Marketing campaign and by utilizing our MPAS software we were able to determine the top side of the curve and maximize their return on their pay per click campaign. We track all calls coming from their paid advertising through the use of a proxy site with a recorded line to determine if the campaign is working effectively.
EMG through effective Search Engine Optimization and the addition of a blog to their site was able to achieve not only first page ranking for our targeted keywords but top 5 positioning for all of them:
dentist houston 2
pediatric dentist houston 3
low cost dentist houston 2
medicaid dentist houston 1
chip dentist houston 1

In August of 2010 Dr. Kawaja a partner in Summit Dental Center notified EMG that they had their biggest month on record and it was solely from the Internet

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