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Effective Television

Television reaches a broad audience but reaching that audience can come at a cost that can be prohibitive for many companies.

EMG can put your business in front of 1000′s of interested viewers on Major Networks during prime viewing times that allows your business to not only be highlighted but also gain recognition as an industry leader at exceptionally affordable rates.

Here are some examples of clients who have appeared on news segments because of EMG and the relationships we have at the major networks.

EMG Clients on Television

EMG clients appear on Network Morning News segments or on Talk Shows because of the uniqueness of their product or service. They are identified as industry leaders / experts in their field.

The short term and long term benefits to our clients has been amazing, even months after appearing they still are receiving very qualified, interested clients, customers and patients from this. In addition they receive the validation and recognition of being “Featured” on these shows and as “experts in their field”.

Most businesses that provide a service or product can be a good candidate for television let EMG help you explore these opportunities.

Case Study:
Renew Body Contouring provides cellulite removal service using an FDA approved device called the Bella Contour System.

Renew would appear on a local talk show once every month and receive a large single day response that provided a exceptional ROI for them. They even continued to receive additional inquiries weeks after the 15 min segment would run but never a consistent stream of business from their television efforts. There Internet presence was also significant there current SEO placed them typically in the first 3 to 5 search results for Cellulite Removal, Non Invasive Liposuction, Body Contouring etc. but what we discovered is that people needed greater awarness of cellulite removal as an issue.

We approached Fox News with regards to discussing with them New Years Resolutions and Cellulite Reduction and came up with a 3 part series following the results of a single women with cellulite and what that success would look like. In addition we purchased 15 and 30 second commercial spots to also bring about brand and condition awareness.
The results have been amazing. Traffic to the website has almost doubled in this time period.
See Google Analytics report below:

Renew Body Contouring Results
In addition to the increase in traffic Renew has also realized an increased closing ratio to almost 60% of those coming in for a consultation.
The owner has reported that the leads are better qualified and are ready to take action now.

EMG has the right mix for its clients and knows that we can impact your bottom line by providing effective Television representation.

Important Note: News organization segments are run and scripted solely by the news organization, EMG can provide suggested talking points and suggest an outline on how the segment is run but it is solely up to the station on whether a business will be featured and will be presented. News departments are Never compensated for running these segments any fees that are charged to clients are solely for consulting services provided by EMG and its agents in approaching the news shows with a particular topics and talking points.

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